Play FreeFall on Codepen


  • Jump from planet to planet to discover it.
  • Simulates N body gravity (but the planets do not move)
  • Play in the browser, supports mouse, keyboard, touch and gamepad input devices!

How to play

  • Use the SPACE, ARROW DOWN or S key on a keyboard or press down mouse-button or finger to begin charging your jump power.
  • You can use the A and S keys, ARROW LEFT and ARROW RIGHT or drag the mouse or the finger left and right to get the desired direction for your jump.
  • There is no other way to cancel a jump or decrease the charged jump power than actual jumping.
  • Zoom in and out with a MOUSE WHEEL. Press C to toggle between fixed camera (less nausea) and dynamic camera (the greatest force of gravity is rotated downwards). Alt+ENTER to toggle fullscreen mode.
  • Discover every planet to win the game! If you get lost too far out in the void, you lose!
  • You cannot move anything at all while floating in space. Hopefully, you land on a planet to discover it!

Hearing and binaural beats

The human ear has very strange abilities. An example of this are so-called binaural beats (in German: with two ears perceived strokes).

The unusual thing is that there are actually no beats at all (at least as long as you listen with headphones).

The left and right ear are played slightly different tone frequencies. From the difference of the frequencies (in Hz) results then the frequency of the beats. For example, if the left ear hears a 440 Hz tone and the right ear 439 Hz, the difference results in a binaural beat per second (1 Hz). At 438 Hz on the right ear, the frequency doubles to 2 Hz.

The effect works similarly when the sounds are output through speakers. However, physical overlays and interferences – ie beats – are actually present here. The amazing thing about binaural beats with headphones is that there is not really that superposition of sounds. Each ear hears a continuous sound at a constant frequency.

The beats seem to arise only during processing in the brain.

(translated from german by google)