Cruise with your space ship through the two-dimensionlal representation of our solar system

This game/simulation features

  • n-body orbital physics (which may lead to derailing moons in high warp speeds after some time)
  • Easily expandable solar system with all planets and some moons. Special thanks to Wikipedia for all the information and NASA for all the nice photos!
  • A badly drawn space ship, which looks the same size – no matter in what distance you look at it – but which is very durable (you can safely land with any speeds) and has infinite fuel!
  • you can select one of the available celestial bodies with the camera select on the upper right, to center it.
  • In the info panel you can select any two bodies to see relative velocities and distances.


  • Arrow keys RIGHT and LEFT to rotate your ship.
  • Arrow keys UP and DOWN for thrust! (yes, there are equally powered rockets on both ends of the ship …)
  • [+] and [-] keys to increase or decrease the time warping.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.